Untold stories from the Berlin Marathon

UNSEEN is where running and art converge, shining new light on the interlacing stories of marathoners and photographers on race day. It’s an exploration of the runner as artist and, often, vice versa. Preparation. Execution. Pain. Euphoria. The drama of crossing the finish line and getting the perfect shot are often one and the same.

To showcase these triumphs, we collected deep cuts from the hard drives of photographers who’ve shot the Berlin Marathon over the past decade. Our annual exhibition and magazine bring these visual stories to life on race weekend and in print.

We worked directly in the production of the branding of the project, all the design elements for various touch points, the editorial design for the first volume of their magazine and with the experience of the event.


Creative Direction
Sam Portillo
Strategy & Creative
Alejandro Áviles
Defie Mazariego
Marcos Fustero
Guillermo Carcamo